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Some Tips for Precision Metal Machining Knowledge of Copper Precision Machining

In the process of precision metal machining, it is not only necessary to ensure the quality, but also the aesthetics of the product. Shilihe Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to precision metal machining for 16 years. We pay attention to the details of each product, including pre-shipment inspection and packaging. Shilihe can provide precision metal processing, precision plastic parts processing, etc. In the processing of various precision mechanical parts, due to the requirements of deep opening groove, small width and small tolerance range of the size of the balance screw, the processing technology is difficult and easy to be scratched, and the external dimension is difficult to guarantee. From the perspective of traditional processing technology, combined with the existing measuring tools, the mold can be polished and the opening groove lubricated before processing. At the same time, a clamping mold can be designed, which can make the balance screw It is processed at the same time as the mold, and there is a small gap between the mold and the workpiece, which not only improves the rigidity of the opening groove, reduces the probability of deformation, but also enables the balance screw to meet the accuracy requirements.

The introduction of sine gauge measurement, the sine gauge is a precision measuring tool for the sine relationship between the gauge block and the trigonometric function in conjunction with a lever meter to verify the taper or angle of the work. It consists of two precision cylinders and a precision http://www.wau.cn The main body of the /working plane can precisely position the workpiece at an angle during machine tool processing. When processing precision mechanical parts, it is placed on the working plate of the sine gauge, and the opposite side is flat against the sine gauge baffle. The workpiece is positioned, and its final required size is the sum of the height of the sine gauge and the size of the workpiece to be measured. After such a measurement, the tolerance of the shape and size of the precision parts can be strictly controlled, and the position of the error can be accurately located. At the same time, it can be conveniently Accurate data of the workpiece can be obtained accurately.


Although copper is not used much, it is also used in the processing of precision mechanical parts. When drilling parts of this type of material, the drill bit is prone to breakage. This is because the cutting force of copper is small when drilling, and the cutting The temperature is low. Due to the high plasticity of the copper itself, the chips are not easy to break and deformed, so they will be rolled together and the chips are difficult to remove. Aiming at the problem of drilling small-sized holes in precision machining of copper materials, what do we need to pay attention to?


1. The clamping position of the drill bit must be correct. For a drill bit with a small diameter, due to its low rigidity, it is easy to deform and bend after axial force, which makes the hole drill crooked and the drill bit is easy to break. In order to avoid this from happening, it is necessary to make the drill bit extend out of the chuck as short as possible and improve the rigidity of the drill.


2. The position of the workpiece must be correct when clamping, and the drilling surface must be flat, so that the axis of the drill bit is perpendicular to the plane of the precision mechanical parts, so as to avoid radial force during drilling, which will bend the drill flower and make the hole drill crooked. Cause the drill bit to break easily; when drilling a small hole, in order to prevent the drill bit from running off, a center drill can be used to drill a positioning hole before drilling, and then use the drill bit to drill the hole.


3. When drilling small holes in copper precision parts, lubricating coolant should be added. The lubricating coolant should be a mixture of 5%-8% emulsion and kerosene, or vegetable oil can be used for lubrication.


4. Be sure to control or control the depth of each drilling hole strictly according to the diameter of the drill bit and chip removal, and withdraw the drill bit frequently for chip removal to prevent the chips from being blocked in the hole and causing the drill bit to break.

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