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The application and development of numerical control technology in machining are

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Numerical control technology is characteristic of informationization, so it is more suitable for machining in present time. From the perspective of traditional technology, the key points of machining include assembling and fitting of parts, etc. Physical machining is also usually selected to complete the machining. At present, digitization is making rapid progress, and machining also breaks through common processes and ideas, and achieves a leap and improvement. Numerical control technology can be integrated into multi-step machining to build a full process control and management. From the point of view of programming, numerical control technology also ensures the optimal machining precision fundamentally, so it meets the needs of current machining technology. This paper aims to explore the application of numerical control technology in machining and explore the development trend of numerical control technology in the future.

1. CNC technology for machining

Numerical control (nc) technology is a new way of machining by selecting electromechanical integration. With the introduction of numerical control technology, machining has generally improved the overall machining level and the quality has thus become higher. As a new technology, numerical control technology can be processed for more complicated mechanical parts, so it also improves the daily manufacturing and processing. Under the computer aided, the mechanical processing is getting the fundamental improvement, each industry also gradually approved the numerical control processing new way.

Numerical control technology has the advantage of flexible processing. As long as the operator can edit the software, it can be used to store information, input and process relevant data. It can be seen from this that the numerical control technology can ensure the optimal processing benefit fundamentally, and the mechanical production is thus more flexible. For more complicated mechanical parts, we can't choose the conventional way of machining, but we can choose nc machining. When developing new products, the numerical control method is also more convenient to transform parameters. Nc machining can be integrated into multi-process clamping and machining to ensure precision and quality, saving the time of tool changing. In general, the numerical control machining in the field of machining also conforms to the standard mechanical performance and is equipped with auxiliary manufacturing.

2. Specific processing and application

For machining, the first step is to ensure high quality. On this basis, the speed is increased. CNC machining can shorten the overall manufacturing and processing cycle, and the machined products also have better quality. Thus it can be seen that enterprises can obtain higher machining accuracy after introducing a new method of nc machining. Do so, can save more processing cost input, saving manpower. Up to now, the CNC machine can reach the daily machining accuracy of 5 mm, which is equipped with the precision level of 1.2 mm. At the same time, the nanometer - scale machining is improving rapidly. Specifically, the numerical control technology used in machining process includes the following:

2.1 for the mechanical industry

In the industrial domain, the numerical control system contains the branch system of execution and drive. Usually in production, the numerical control method can be used in various processing fields, such as air injection, welding parts or assembly of production lines. In complex environments, numerical control can also replace common manual processes to complete mechanical operations in space or deep water. This is because the CNC can mimic the movements of human hands, grabbing or transporting parts. For the most part, numerical control technology creates a higher level of machining, while at the same time ensuring fundamental safety. In batch processing, numerical control processing also has outstanding value.

In machining processes, microcomputer systems set up control units that, like the central nervous system, control the driving instructions and other programs. Enter an instruction, and then enter the set flow. The control unit is used to give accurate detection data. After the sensor system, it can send an alarm message and react quickly. The numerical control device is also equipped with an actuator which includes mechanical components and a corresponding servo system. By means of power components, the device can provide the kinetic energy of mechanical operation and drive the actuator.

2.2 for machine tool production

Machinery is indispensable in the production process. If the machine itself has good performance, then it meets the new need of mechatronics. In the machine tool device, the control equipment is set up to control the machine tool and achieve real-time control. Specifically in the processing, the numerical control machine first enters the accurate processing flow, gives the corresponding numerical code. When input information, the system can be assisted by a special medium. The CNC machine can input and calculate the required information, and then drive the executive servo system to complete the manufacturing task.

2.3 for coal mining

Today, the coal industry is equipped with more advanced coal mining equipment. Under this trend, the coal mining machine contains more types, showing the trend of batch processing. In mass production, the traditional mining technology still stays at the means of making blank, welding parts and machine case, and the volume production scale is still very small. At the same time, mechanical processing can not single piece blanking, thus showing more limitations. If the choice of CNC machining, then gas cutting machinery parts. In the process of feeding, both the drum and the blade of the shearer can finish feeding smoothly. Thus it can be seen that the numerical control technology fundamentally ensures excellent processing quality. The numerical control technology of coal mining machine can ensure quality, speed up cutting speed, and can also be cut directly to obtain the groove of welding parts.

In addition, the numerical control equipment of gas cutting can automatically compensate the cutting seam and completely control the profile of machining. For some slitting joints, the numerical control coal mining machine can be adjusted to the appropriate parameter values to fill the necessary margin. For example, the shearer is usually provided with deep grooves, which will increase the margin in the process. If uniform compression contact is not possible, then it is difficult to ensure that complex coal mining accuracy requirements are met. However, if a new method of numerical control programming is chosen to control coal mining, it can conform to the precision of the surface and properly use the floating oil seal.

3. Future development trend

From the perspective of machining, numerical control technology can promote fundamental progress and meet the demand of new technology. Numerical control technology has also been improved in recent years, becoming more sophisticated. In the range of machining, more enterprises choose CNC machine tools or other CNC equipment, thus improving the overall efficiency of machining and reducing additional costs. Faced with the new era, the general trend of numerical control technology is openness, intelligence and networking, and intelligence will be integrated into all aspects of the numerical control system. From the point of view of processing quality and overall benefit, the numerical control equipment and related technologies in the trend of intelligentization can also ensure more convenience.

From birth to date, nc machining has more than 50 years of progress, and thus has a deep technical foundation. For the numerical control processing, relevant personnel should be able to master skillfully, on this basis skilled control of the servo system and other systems. For supporting CNC technology, also need to be familiar and can be used for operation. For example, numerical control technology can be used for adaptive calculation, selection of numerical control model, automatic load identification, etc. In this way, numerical control technology can simplify common programming operations and thus provide automatic intelligent diagnosis. In the aspect of monitoring, CNC machining is also equipped with auxiliary system monitoring and maintenance.

In recent years, numerical control technology in machining shows the general trend of commercialization and the trend of industrialization. Some companies have a strong technical base and can develop their own technology. However, from the total

As a matter of fact, most enterprises still do not have a higher understanding of innovation and lack necessary understanding of novel CNC machining methods. Compared with developed countries, our current high-end numerical control technology is still inadequate. In the market scope, numerical control machining also occupies a small total share. In order to build large-scale CNC machining, it is necessary to strengthen the innovation of enterprises and promote the development of technology in the future.

4. Conclusion

From the point of view of machining, nc machining can be applied to a wide range and meet the intelligence and refinement requirements of the new era. In recent years, numerical control technology is being updated, which also promotes the comprehensive manufacturing progress. It can be seen that nc machining has excellent development prospects and can be applied to multi-field machining. However, up to now, the numerical control technology in machining is still not perfect, which needs to be improved for a long time. That's because there are some holes in the technology that need to be fixed. In the future practice, relevant personnel still need to continuously summarize precious technical experience and serve the fundamental quality improvement of machining.